United Consultancy Services Group (UCS Group) is a company run by highly qualified and experienced professionals in the industry. The company was established with humble beginnings in the state of Karnataka in the year 1992. K.Ramesh is the founder of UCS and started operations in Bengaluru. It was his genius that spotted the opportunity in simplifying compliance for companies, so that clients could focus on their core business. With his dedication and planning he lay down the foundations of UCS. The quality of our work was greatly recognized by our clients and steadily we began to increase our client base in the state of Karnataka. At the turn of the century Ramesh noticed that many of the clients required support across India as companies were opening new offices to leverage their economies and the state governments and the job market was responding favorably. This led to the joining of hands with Titus Koshy to form the UCS group. Titus was instrumental in growing the presence of the group pan-India at a rapid pace adding multiple offices in a matter of few years. This has increased the footprint of UCS upon our clients and has made UCS a preferred compliance partner for Fortune 100 companies who have offices across India. We have grown with our clients and have been able to support them with their expansion plans over the years. The joint efforts of Ramesh and Titus along with other key members has made UCS 150+ employee strong with pan-India presence managing over 1000 sites for its 250+ clients in multiple cities. We are relentlessly focused on fostering long-term relationships with our clients. UCS Group is associated with various renowned associations and active involvement with these associations help us to be updated with the latest trends, case laws or decisions on Industrial Relations.

Over the last two decades we have experienced an organic growth in our operations and through our service to various organizations, we have built not only a meaningful, but also a mutually beneficial relationship with our clients. The growth in the number of clients itself is indicative of our professional competence, growing reputation, confidence in our services and the value that we bring to our clients operations which gives us immense satisfaction and inspires us to do better all the time. Even though we have scaled up over the years our process generates a consistent customer experience.

We are at the cusp of reformation in the realm of labour law with increased focus on compliance and good governance, and UCS takes pride in the expertise accumulated over the years along with the long standing relationship with our clients that will enable us to achieve higher goals in the long-term. We are determined and focused on our road ahead and excited to extend our satisfactory services to clients across the country.



excellence-150x126We operate within the framework of professional standards, laws, and regulations that govern our industry. We strive to provide Consultancy on Human Resources Development, Legal matters pertaining to Industrial Relations, apprise the clients on latest amendments to various Acts, advise on periodical Returns and Reports required to be filed within the time limits prescribed. During the economic meltdown, we noticed that many of our clients were focusing on their core work and outsourced all the peripheral activities to industry experts. This gave us the opportunity to increase our presence within our existing clients. Hence, we strive to be cost effective to our clients and help them manage their contractors and service providers better. We strive to provide the quality of work that would have been attained by an in-house job when done by our clients themselves.




At a time when organizations are focusing mainly on their core business activity, there is always a need to handle periodical compliance activity under various statutes by service providers.

If a separate Department is to be formed, it takes concerted efforts from a set of personnel, depending on the number of employees in a client company, to take care of personnel matters, industrial relations and statute compliance. Therefore, the role of consultancy and services from organizations run by qualified and experienced professionals will contribute extensively towards cost reduction and benefits the client company.

For any business enterprise to run smoothly, the line managers need to concentrate on the key target areas. However, compliance work under the various statutes hamper the smooth functioning of the line managers and ultimately that the companies are reprimanded for non-compliance of statutes.



We deliver professional services in accordance with our values and relevant technical and professional standards. We offer only those services that we can deliver and strive to deliver no less than our commitments. We respect the confidentiality and privacy of our clients, our people and others with whom we do business. We comply with laws, regulations and professional standards in order to maintain the appropriate degree of confidentiality and privacy.



Our clients and colleagues have had a long standing relationship with UCS. We value their business, understand the reputation they have built over the years in the market and take pride in supporting them with their operations. We seek to serve only those clients whom we are competent to serve, who value our service and who have high standards of integrity. We serve industry-leaders in the following sectors:


E Commerce
Telecom & Communication

Technology & Consulting

Engineering & Infrastructure
Research & Development


Our core values answer important questions of why we do what we do

and the path that we take to achieve the tasks that we undertake for our clients.


Our work is our worship and we put our best foot forward operating on honest scales based on strong moral principles.


We channelize all our efforts towards enhancing our client’s operations.


We believe undertaking end-to-end processes and account for our commitments.


We believe in working together as a team for none of us is as good as all of us.

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